Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you type in ‘world’s shortest peom’ into Google it will automatically ask you: did you mean ‘world’s shortest poem’? Well, then you click on that what do you find?


Adam had’em.


This poem is problematic. It continues to promote the Judeo-Christian mythos that Adam was the first person. If you follow that logic, then pretty soon you have Eve being created from Adam’s rib, and then perhaps getting fleas (you will recall that Adam had them). I find this patriarchal nonsense pretty hard to swallow. It’s 2009. We’re almost through with the aughts and this is still the most popular short poem out there? Should I get the hangers out boys? Or, maybe you’d like to commit me for being hyster-ical? Oh, is that a tent out there for my ‘lady’s days’. No. I say NO NO NO NO. Sisters! We must raise up against this oppressor, this flea-ridden first man. WE NEED A NEW SHORT POEM. (And don’t you dare mention Ogden Nash’s “Parsley’s gharsley”…gharsley is not even a word, son.)


-Anita Deely

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