Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Mikado (The Hypocrites) John Taflan

As some day it may happen that an opera must be viewed,
Put this one on your list:
Mikado by the ‘crites.
A fantastic compilation of the bawdy and skewed
In a promenade-y mist
(and there’s booze, if you insist).

Just enter Chopin’s basement and you’ll join a festive throng,
Whose tendency to strum and strut makes right from so much wrong.
(By “wrong” I mean your standard theatre most often passes
As arguments o’er kitchen sinks, four walls, and seats for asses.)
But never mind my bitching, Go!  This play should not be missed.
Put your name upon the list,
(Something something) coexist.

Put your name upon the list!
(Something something) coexist!
In their audience, enlist.
I think you get the gist.

There’s Casey--that’s her family name--and little Shawny Pfautsch
Both pulling double shifts
(That almost rhymed with “list”).
Singing/acting all while playing isn’t for your common slouch,
But two parts each?  That kissed?
A fine quadruple tryst.

When Kahler speaks you cannot help but laugh until you keen.
And Rob McLean was being quite especially Rob McLean…you know what I mean.
Both Bourque and Pawlik’s spunk (along with Schroeder’s) is in season,
And of the girls, I’ll mention Dana Omar for no reason.
Forgive me, Becky and Christine, for I could not resist.
It’s another brilliant twist
From the awesome Hypocrites.

It’s another brilliant twist!
From the awesome Hypocrites!
Sean and Kevin still persist.

The Mikado:  A

-John Taflan

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