Monday, May 16, 2011

Easy Six (Factory Theatre)

The Factory Theatre is BACK with another EXTREME story of snowboarders taking the ULTIMATE trip to the UTTERMOST top of K2 when the most INTENSE avalanche ever AMBUSCADES them in a dark cave!

These 5 heroes led by the EFFULGENT Mickey Bocks (Songbird: Manny Tamayo) have to BATTLE for survival at all costs! As munitions expert Kenny (a RESPLENDENT Anthony Tournis) struggles to BLAST their way out of the white ABYSS, David ( Scott Pasko in his most UNCONTEMPTIBLE role to date) has to face his inner demons stemming from the loss of his little BROTHER to BREAST cancer.

The oxygen is BARREN. Life has become a TORMENTED SUCCUBUS! Mickey faces a series of hallucinations where he and his INAMORATA (a MESMERIC Allison Cain) tackle their past through a series of HYPERBOLIC masked dance scenes.

As Mickey and David slowly lose their minds, Lee (the PHYSICAL MASTERMIND Paul Metreyeon) hides his SOUL CLAWING EDEMA from the group, making a note wherein it tells the rest of the men how to eat his DISEASED body.

The group seems to have little HOPE. What can save them from this DISCONSOLATENESS?

A single PALADIN emerges in the form of Gary Thain (a luxurious Esteban Cruz) who carries his HEAVING friends to safety by GENTLY CARESSING the ice, which had never met a BLACK GAY GUY before either.

When they return to the lodge, life has kept moving, leaving the boys with new OUTRAGEOUS challenges to face. Returning from an event like that is hard.

They begin to drink away their DESPAIR. Life has become UNREASONABLE and CALLOUS.

Mickey finally sees a silver lining in the heart of Pepper (an ANGEL FACED Cat Dughi). Pepper has recently divorced the WICKED Ginger Pete (a NEFARIOUS turn by the legendary Timothy C. Amos) who has gone on an animated DRUG FUELED KILLING SPREE with his delirious henchmen Phillip and Bart ( the ENRAGED and VEHEMENT Blake Dalzin and Scott Minches)!

Mickey and the boys make COMPATRIOTS with a HOBO-WITH-A-HEART-OF-GOLD Foster Brooks (a MIRTHFUL John Moran) and a BLOODTHIRSTY Jerry Lewis (Ray Brazaski at his MEATY best).

Together with a group of Irish SLATTERNS (the incredible Robyn Coffin, Laura Korn, and Elizabeth Styles), they DEFEAT the Ginger Pete and make the small community safe for DRUNKEN GAMBLERS and JEZEBELS again!

Also there is some talk of a missing bottle opener or some shit.

This is not a play to be MISSED! This EXCEPTIONAL musical has VIGOROUS power and will make you feel VIBRANT and POTENT sexually.

A story of survival that shouldn't be IGNORED!!!


-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


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