Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where have we been? Where are we going? (Questions and Answers)

Aaron Snook knows everything

Friends and Women,

Sometimes we collect all of our information from the internet. If you look on the internet and don't see a new post from your favorite bloggers, you can only assume that they have left you in the wilderness to die. What else can you assume?

Can you assume that maybe they had other things to do? Perhaps one of them is a new father, or that the other is trying to make his way as a talented, budding Dance Team Coach? No.

The answer is no.

So then, how would you know what Eric and I have been up to?

Well, here is an update from the horses lips to your ear.

Eric and I are proud to announce today that we are featured guest stars of the new Signal Ensemble Theatre's original production of "Motion".

Written by the great and handsome Ronan Marra and directed by the cunning and delightful Aaron Snook, this play is a fictionalized telling of the cumbersome NFL football lockout that happened, or something. It might be about something else, the more I think about it. We aren't listed on the website as part of the cast, but I am almost positive that this is an error and will be remedied expediently.


That's right everyone, Eric and Andy have finally made their way to the stage together in what can only be called "The Performance of Our New Century".

In fact, today I am here to PROMISE YOU that the performance you take in of the Signal Theatre Ensemble's show and our subsequent performance will be the best thing you have ever seen on stage in Chicago.

If this is not the most opulent and thought provoking piece of theatre you have witnessed in the last 25 years, simply request your money back, and I am sure that they will be happy to oblige.

Because we here at Ensemble Signal Theatre Group are a proud race. Since we entered our...I wanna say 12th season, our guarantee is something we stand behind.

Now on the other hand, if you are unhappy with the parking situation or with your date, then that's on you, brother. Your date probably banged someone in the cast anyway.

Now, in other news, you might see the complexion of our blog change a little bit. See, Eric has a baby now, so his time is being spent in different ways. You might be seeing a few Netflix reviews, and a few more thinkpieces on the state of our culture.

On the other hand, I am sick to death of theatre, so you might be seeing a few more words of harsh criticism and biting wit in regards to our chosen profession.

You will still be seeing pieces from our crack team of writers and reviews covering a spectrum of things you may or may not be interested in, including your precious little theatre.

Get ready because it's about to get humorouser on the internet again!

Eric and Andy


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