Friday, January 27, 2012

Liberals, and How They Can Win

What's up, gang?  Ever get incensed when you see some idiot on the internet posting pictures of Obama dressed as Hitler with a caption like "CHANGE YOU BETTER BELEIVE IN!"  And you go online, and all of your liberal facebook pals are posting charts and graphs that no one but other liberals will read?  And you think to yourself, no WONDER the Republicans win so many fights, their propaganda is nearly perfect!

Well, the crack team at IEWS have decided to help you out, democrats!  We've done what you can't...made some horrible memes that are virtually untrue and disgustingly tasteless, but very simple for simple people to understand!  Screw charts!  That shit won't play in Peoria...but THIS might:

Too subtle?  How's about this masterpiece?

Not racist enough?

Remember Rick PERRY???

You know how you might think Ron Paul has a couple good ideas?  Reagan sure did!

But, you might be wondering...where's the frontrunner???  Where's the man who can take Obama hard in the muthafuckin PAINT?  WHERE'S NEWT?  Well...he's probably sportbanging your wife!

Utah!  GIMME TWO!!!!

And, last, but not ever least...let's plant this joke in the ground!

There you are!  Feel free to tweet, post on your wall, send them to your bigoted father who can't believe he has to deal with a gay son who listens to NPR!  Be sure to tell him...Eric and Andy sent cha!

-Eric Roach, Anderson Lawfer

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