Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camera Phone Picture Day Results!!! (Camera Pictures)

Buddha at work!? No Thanks!!

Yesterday was very exciting. It was the first annual Camera Phone Day for Reviews You Can Iews, and people really jumped in! There were tons of great shots! Also, most of them were pretty boring because almost everybody works during the day. So there were lots of pictures of peoples desks.
Let's take a look!

Somebody is taking the trolley today!!

Cottage Cheese for lunch!!?

Dr. Pepper and a piece of paper.

We had problems formatting you, Sideshow Bob and Einstein.

People love Facebook!

It's that guy! (I don't know who that is.)

Another satisfied customer who will be receiving a restraining order!!

This person works inside of a Counting Crows video!!

I beautifully backwards day in Gay Paris!!

That's too much soda for you!!

Get back to work, Goofball!!!

That dog is next to his director's chair!! A DOG DIRECTOR!!?


Thank God this dog doesn't think he is a director.

This looks like a dark room that a hungover detective will solve a case in!!

Somebody is recommending a book for women to read!!

Everyone loves the blog!!!

Time to get some new pudding!! Or mayonnaise! Or whatever that is!!

A long day of drinking coffee and stamping stuff!


If you keep all those tabs open all the time, it will crash your computer.

Another long day at the basket factory.

Thanks for making Camera Phone Day a great success! Can't wait for next year!!!

-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach

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