Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sketchbook Reverb (Collaboraction)

You ever been to the Flat Iron Building? It used to be a symbol of prosperity in Chicago and a structural landmark, created by an architectural visionary.
Now it is a building for dirty hippies to make Art out of pubes and scream in their communal bathrooms.
Collaboraction has set up shop in this place, and built what seems to be a neat little theater! It isn't finished yet, and I always assumed that Collaboraction had more money than this place seems to be, but the inside theater is neat.
It has the feeling of a weird children's show set, because there aren't any chairs, just levels for everyone to sit on and enjoy the show!


You know sometimes when you see something and you can feel the greatness. Like it's just on the edge of becoming a reality, and for some reason or another, it doesn't. Sort of like Chris Kattan. You just knew he was gonna have David Spade's career and what happened? I like to think it was because he fell in love with sound design or something, but it's probably just because he fucked his boss' son.

This show is a collection of Sketchbook's greatest hits! Now I know we've all been in Sketchbook before and more often than not, our pieces weren't as great as we wished they were, so Collaboraction has taken the time to pick out the best 6 or 9 and put the same ensemble of 9 actors in all the sketches.

This show is really a celebration of the writers and their pieces, but in this context, these actors are really the reason to see it.

HB Ward has a sketch where he talks to his dead wife about all the anal sex cheating he did when she was alive, and it is sincerely very hilarious.

Dan Stearns and Alice Wedoff are stuck in the ocean for some reason in Deep Blue Sea and effectively create a sense of confusion and panic. Man, they are these two divers that are down in the ocean someplace, kind of like the Abyss, and then they have to leave one of them because dummy forgot to check his air meter thing. Ugh. One of my nightmares y'all!

But let's talk about the best scene in this whole damn thing. It is called The Lurker Radio Hour, and it features James Anthony Zoccoli and Amy Speckien. It's a great example of how to write a short 9 minutes piece because it throws you in, and over the course of the thing, releases enough information without bogging you down with all sorts of other non-sense like time and place and whatever. You get it all from the performances and junk or whatever. It's about this radio host and his foley artist on the day of his wife leaving him for his former foley artist.

But you know what? Sometimes your wife is a bitch and it's a blessing in disguise.

I had a little bit of an issue with the transitions, because they were very functional, but there's no art to them. Sometimes I like to see people moving shit around with a little grace or style, ya know gang?

All in all, I say this is a great date pick and you will definitely get laid because of it. Maybe only because the bathrooms are so gross there, that the girl will have to come back to your house just to pee, and then you can pounce on her like a urinating LION!


-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach

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