Thursday, March 17, 2011


By Britt Pearson

O.M. GAWD u guys!!!! M’kay, so I don’t need to tell you that it’s like tuff being a teen girl. I mean, my Momz like “Hey don’t like have fun”, and I’m all like “MOM!!!” It’s rough! I mean ,like, I know they bought me a car and stuff, but like, woah on the errands. Grammpie can wait on his stupid diabetes meds, I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE MALL!!!! I mean ,like, Dad put a whole bunch of insulin in the attic last summer. DUH! Why does Grammpie need insulin? Is he cold? O.M. GAWD! So ,you like, know it sucks being all stressed about boys and zits and school and getting old and getting fat and that stupid bitch Anna Wentworth who thinks she’s like all that and a Gucci handbag who was TOTALLY making out with some guy who I think Is in college but it doesn’t matter because she’s totally faking how cool she is and ,that’s like, not cool, ‘cause if your cool than you shouldn’t have to try so hard, and college guys ,are like, gross except for Hunter Daniels…HE’S SO HOT!!!!...and I totally hate her. SO, like I was flippin’ threw the YouTube and I totally found someone who TOTALLY GETS WHAT I’M ABOUT!!!Her name is ,like, Rebecca Black, and she totally knows what I like…FRIDAY!!!! O.M. GAWD I LOVE FRIDAY!!!!! Firstly, like, we do the same things! We both ,like, wake up and eat cereal!!! I only eat Total because I can’t eat sugar because sugar makes you fat I’m a future model SOOOOOOOOO, but, it’s like, WE DO THE SAME THINGS!!!!! So we both get up and maybe take the bus to school because I ,like, will sometimes get a ride with my friends to school, but I can’t drive because my Momz said I had to choose between that and ,like, cheerleading, and I was like, “MOM”! I mean this song is about hanging with the gals and partyin’ and like having fun, which I am totally about because I’m all like “Girls, okay, like, seriously, we need to party and have fun” and my girls are like “TOTALLY!!!!” So that is what this song ,like, means and stuff. So you should like listen to it because if you don’t…it’s sad! Enjoy guys and gals!!! Until it’s later!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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