Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super 8 (Movie)

I hardly ever go to the movies because I feel like watching something at home from the RedBox is easier and cheaper. I don't really care about 3D and I also think most movies are pretty stupid except for movies that Jeff Bridges or Woody Harrelson or Val Kilmer are in.

Those are my favorite guys, and since they hardly do any big budget flicks anymore, I don't care about anything. But every once in a while, a movie comes along that really gets me interested in going out and seeing something.

Then, I have to convince my wife to go, because she likes movies about notebooks and princesses and you will NEVER see Woody Harrelson be in a movie about princesses OR notebooks.

So, after all this negotiating and cleaning and other chores I have to do, I finally got her to go with me to hit up the Davis Theater in Lincoln Square to see the wildly anticipated and record breaking summer extravaganza entitled "Super 8" from the same people who brought you "Felicity".

Now I realize that a lot of people haven't seen this movie yet, so I will not give anything away, but let me tell you about it (and since I don't remember any characters names, I will make them up).

Brian is this kid who's mother died. His dad is the town Sheriff and should have been played by Val Kilmer. So Brian likes to make movies with his friends where there are zombies and stuff and then he meets this girl from his school named Darlene that he has a big crush on.
So Brian gets Darlene to be in the movie and while they are filming there is a big train accident right in front of them! Then while the train crashes, something crazy climbs out of the train!

Then the Air Force comes to town and they are gonna try to stop the thing that climbed out of the train but nobody knows what it is in the town, because the military won't tell them, but WE know it's something really really bad.
So, where was I?
Oh right, so the military is led by this dude who you probably know from other movies but in this he has a beret on. Isn't it funny how sometimes people wear hats and then you can't figure out who they are? Man, one time I used to have this hat that was sort of like a fedora and I was wearing it and I snuck up on my friend and scared him because it was dark and he thought I was somebody else in that hat!
So, this beret guy called Corporal Steve is not telling anybody about the thing that climbed out of the train but we know it is a monster, but the characters don't know yet.

Anyway, the kids have to stop the monster from destroying everything they love, blah blah blah.

This is an awesome summer movie for a couple reasons, but the most important one being it isn't adapted from anything else. It's just a stand alone movie, and that, to me, is so nice to see. It certainly has an E.T. quality to it and it also has a Goonies quality to it because of the friends and all that bullshit.

Anyway, I recommend seeing it. You will have fun and if you have any kids, you would probably have even more fun.

It isn't the best thing ever made, but for a summer movie, you will be hard pressed to find anything else as interesting and fun to see that everybody can agree on.

Here are a few pull quotes for the movie producers of Super 8 who are reading this right now looking for some stuff for their new commercials:

"Super 8 will make you GLAD TO BE ALIVE!"
"Super 8 for President of Movies!"
"JJ Abrams finally makes a decent monster movie!"
"More like Super GREAT!"
"Don't try to whack off to this because there will be too many kids there!"


-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach

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