Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tresure Island (Lifeline Theatre Play)

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of the human condition has withstood the test of time and gets a rousing, albeit not as good as I could've done production at Lifeline Theatre.
Rob Kauzlaric, as usual adapts this play to focus mainly on the torrid affair between Captain Smollett and Squire Trelawney (both parts played with grace and pride and dignity by newcomers Rob MacLean and the emotionally exhaustive John Ferrick).
Their story is one of love, treachery, deceit, and treasure, only to be found on an island called Treasure Island, which makes me reexamine how I name things.
For example: I'm gonna get out my Money Wallet and buy something for my Sex Bed.

The real stars of the show is the beautiful lighting and set design, built with purpose by Alan Donahue and Kevin D. Gawley, respectfully. There are ropes and lights and a fog show that is the best fog show I have seen since the Chicago Premier of "How to Succeed in Show Business Without Really Trying" starring the incredible John Lithgow in a performance yet to be rivaled by anyone ever at Lifeline Theatre, or Timeline Theatre as it seems.
Sean Sititski is absolutely rosey as the tough-but-fair Long John Silver and Ezekiel Sulkes brings new meaning to the name High Lord Commander with his maybe-Jewish maybe-black beauty, not to mention the talents brought to 3 dimensional life by a nostalgic Chris Hainsworth as the dastardly Mr. Smee.
When times get tough in old Ireland or wherever, the rich Squire decides to make a map and hire a crew to go out searching for Treasure somewhere off the coast of Malaysia, which at that time was called "Siamese". Trouble ensues when he is thrown of the boat with the Doctor (a luxurious portrayal of modern medicine by Patrick Blashill) and his intolerable lover Captain Smollett by a mutinous and dangerous Silver and his young assistant, Jim Hawkins (who has the boringest name in this play). Once on Treasure Island, they meet Ben Gunn (that same Jewish black guy from before) who has gone crazy and loves cheese.
In fact, Ben Gunn loves cheese so much, I had to leave in the middle to go get some CHEESE because it was all I could think of.
I highly recommend this play, but when you go, be sure to bring a block of cheddar, or a nice Camembert because, as nice as they are at the front of house, they will not sell you cheese.
All in all, an uproarious triumph of skill and pirate stuff!!

-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


  1. Without the insight provided in this review, I would have never even considered attending this skit. However, if there's going to be cheese... I'm in like Flynn.
    Errol Flynn reference!
    He was quite the swashbuckler himself. Though I'm sure that's well known to readers of this blog, what with our generation's fixation with Goonies.
    Geez... Pirates, Pirates everywhere and nary a port to hang them in to warn other pirates of our intolerance and cruelty. Sigh...

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