Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Feel Like I'm Not Pulling My Weight Around Here

This is an apology.

I guess I've been a little busy lately, what with the critically lauded production of Lakeboat over at Steep Theatre and preparing to add a little baby to my family.  I think that I'm just too pooped to pop, y'all!

Andy's been handling a bunch of the review duties these days, and thank god for him, you guys.  Thank GOD for him.  We've been trying to keep up with the intense interview schedule we've worked out for ourselves, and we're doing okay.  But, I haven't actually gone to see a theatre show in weeks.  It's one of those things where I'm in a show and I'm old and it's freezing outside and I'm saving money and all that blah blah blah.  Plus, it's going to be tough for me very soon because little baby Simon Ambrose (the Civil War historian/author my wife and I are siring) will be arriving and most theater shows are for adults because kids know better than to pay $75 for a ticket to something where they have to be quiet and polite for 3 hours.  Believe me, I've soiled my pants at plenty of theatre shows...but, I'm running out of excuses.

I think maybe I'll have to be better about reviewing things that aren't all about theatre...like being a new dad, or putting together a crib, or movies that just hit my On Demand list.  Dudes, don't worry...I still love theatre.  And I'm gonna review shows...because you deserve it.  But, please, accept this hug and know that I'm doing my best.  You're the greatest fans in the world, and just because I'm a hero doesn't mean I'll just rest on my laurels.  No laurel resting for this guy!  We've only just begun...TO LOVE!

-Eric Roach, Anderson Lawfer

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