Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pint Pub (1547 N Milwaukee Ave., Bucktown)

So, bros, I needed some new kicks because this winter has left my gear all tore up. So I heard you could get some good deals….in Wicker Park.

Now, as you know, I usually don’t go farther south then Belmont for anything, but it’s a down economy, bros. Condos don’t pay for themselves. The hard part was gonna be walking around all those hipsters. You know the type, dudes with sweater vests and arts degrees. At least the vests keep you warm. (Up top, bros.) I got a communication degree, but at least I can dress myself and shave. Guess what, dudes. You can’t get a decent car or Cubs season tickets working at the record store.

So anyway, I find a decent deal on a couple pairs of shoes (just wish my man would throw some money into the joint. Gross, bruh. I gotta take my shoes off to be in here. Clean it up!)

So I get done, and I’m thinking beer. But where do I go where I don’t have to listen to emo or pick which organic food I want. So I find a safe spot: Pint, a bar that is home away from home.

Pint is an Irish style sports bar on Milwaukee just west of Honore. I walk in and the first thing I see is the hot cocktailer. She says hi as she’s picking up menus someone dropped on the floor, and I’m in love, not only for the view but her accent! She’s British! Nice first impression.

I grab a seat at the bar, and the tender is this nice girl. She’s cute, but not hot like a model, so you know she got the job cuz she’s knows what she’s doing. I look to see what’s on tap, and this place loves beer! They got 15 beers on tap, including Bud Light, Old Style and PBR. That makes me feel like I’m at the ballpark. It’s a good idea to have those, too, because cheap beer means more money for Jaeger Bombs. They got other stuff, too, like Bell’s, Blue Moon, Stella, and Newcastle, and Point, for the Packer fans. Whatever.

They got a cool menu, too, everything from quesadilla to grilled cheese. They got salads (for the chicks) and decent burgers. I went on a Saturday, and the special was $5 Guinness and $3 shot of Beam. Not bad. I don’t usually dig on dark beers. I prefer chewing my lunch. They got a website, www.pintpub.com, bro.

So I hang out, checking out basketball on their big screen. Each table had its own TV, which I thought was a plus. The place has got tables on the main floor, and then a second floor that looks over the place. Great area to hook up. Right, bros? I also dig the bar itself. It has these huge mirrors that are inside these brick arches. Classy. And against the mirrors, they’ve got every kind of booze you could think of.

And the best part: NO Hipsters! I guess tickets for Death Cab or whatever went on sale that day or something. You can’t tear them away from their Macs. Seriously, bros. The crowd was a nice mix of decent looking chicks, and dudes with actual jobs. I also didn’t spend a lot of money. She got me a beer on the house. I didn’t even have to tell her who I was!

So, overall, decent joint. Check it out sometime, if you’re in the neighborhood, if your lady wants to, I don’t know, look at old dresses and jewelry and cowboy boots and junk.


-Josh Vaughn