Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This play was closed before the review came out.

Greg Allen’s (not Sean Graney’s) K.—presented by The Hypocrites, and directed by The Neo Futurists’ Greg Allen for The Hypocrites (not the Neo Futurists)—is an adaptation by Greg Allen of Franz Kafka’s The Trial by Franz Kafka written by Greg Allen (not Sean Graney).

Our protagonist, Josef K. (Brennan Buhl), is an Undergrad at Amherst who wakes up several mornings at once one morning to discover that he has been arrested for unquestionably committing a crime that may or may not have happened, which he may or may not have committed (although, he probably didn’t…maybe).

Through no fault of his own (except that it might be), K. is thrust down a path of surreal, nightmarish, door-slamming hilarity that brazenly confronts the constructs set up by bloated institutional bureaucracies which control our lives but also define us and without whom we are lost in a sea of black water like fish swimming across decaying coral reefs in the wake of an oil spill—desperately searching for nourishing particulates and telling ourselves that someday these necessary molecules might add up to a full meal, so you had better keep on flapping your fins because if you stop for even a second you’ll get swept up in a net, filleted, and served at some $40 a plate fusion bistro in an up-and-coming neighborhood although, that may not be so bad; you are just a fish, after all.

I guess what I’m saying is Europe has been around for a long time.


-John Taflan

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