Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank God It's Eric & Andy!!!

Hi faithful readers and people who found this blog searching for man on man porno!

Listen, Andy & I are so sorry for not updating for a while.  What with the election (Go Green Party!  Way to take the House!), the weather, our weirdo day jobs at the car wash (That's a whole blog waiting to happen!  We could be a sitcom over there!), and the release of the amazingly hilarious DUE DATE, we've been swamped!

But, we do have some updates and exciting news and gossip for you!  Keep reading!

First and foremost, how would you like to see Eric & Andy LIVE ON STAGE???  You can!  This Monday night at the Strawdog Theatre Company's PHONEBOOK!!!!  Tickets are only $100 and the show starts at 7pm!  We'll definitely be doing something, and there's so much more than just us...Nate Allen, Mike Nussbaum, the wonderful Seeking Wonderland band, J & M of the J & M Comedy Showplace, T.J. and Dave, Dennis Zacek, and so much more!!!  See you there!

Plus, our own Anderson Lawfer, actor and writer and sometime detective, will be closing State of the Union at Strawdog this weekend!  Don't miss out, because if you do, there's no way to go back in time and see it...yet!

Also, the lovable scamps at the Factory Theater Company open their next classic Jenny & Jenni tonight with a big fat opening night performance and party!  This show is about aerobics and feeling great!  Don't you want to feel great, America?  Oh...well, don't you want to watch other people pretending to feel great?  FANTASTIC!  Don't miss this thing!

And...will you take a look at these guys?

OMFG, right????

One last little thing:

Read about the Grove Players' production of the musical Oliver!

Please read all of the comments too, and feel free to leave your OWN comments on what you think of the review, the other comments, and the musical Oliver!  Be sure to remain anonymous, because there is nothing more awesome than leaving anonymous comments on someone's community theatre review blog!

We hope you are really reaching for the stars, America!  Don't worry...things are going GREAT!

America, Eric & Andy, Corgis, Oliver! - A PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!

-Eric Roach, Anderson Lawfer


  1. Those puppies are cute, but they aren't Corgis! And State of the Union was terrific! Love the blog.

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