Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Problems with Black History Month (Problem Month)

The second week in February is important for the civil rights movement. That's the same week that Abraham Lincoln, a popular black man, and Fredrick Douglass, a crazy haired inventor were born.
It was originally known as "Negro History Week", created by a journalist in the 20's to showcase the black advancements in America. At the time, this was important to give an identity to the movement that was about to happen in our country, that unfortunately would take years and years and claim such leaders lives as Medgar Evers and Richard Pryor, but the fight went on.
Visionaries for equality included Martin Luther King Jr., Eldridge Cleaver, Rosa Parks, and lesser known, but equally responsible figures like Homer Plessy and Easy-E silently changed our racial climate in this blah blah blah.
Listen, all I know is, I turned on Tavis Smiley this past weekend, and boy was it the most boring thing I've ever heard.
Now, I understand his reasoning, in that, black people have done tons of things to change the American landscape and all that, and not just made music or played sports, but Tavis... PEOPLE LIKE MUSIC AND SPORTS.
I turn this jive turkey on and what's he doin? He's talking to a botanist about the plants that the slave ships brought over from Africa to the West Indies, and how they would do surviving in our climate.
I call bullshit, Tavis.
Are you mad at us?
Did we get mad at you when you had on Ben Vereen and Magic Johnson?
I didn't.
But for some reason now, I'm listening to Sonia Sanchez call everyone "Brother" and talk about how "Brother Miles" and "Brother Duke" are buried next to each other.
In fact, Tavis, I turned off your show and listened to the smooth melodies of Ludacriss instead.
While you were asking Sonia Sanchez how a haiku can inherently be black, Luda was asking me how low I can get my booty to the flo.
Do you even know where the flo is, Tavis?

I'm all for Black History Month, gang. But get it together.
Let's talk to people about things we wanna hear about.
Like Gregory Hines tribute shows, or the Candyman.

Black History Month

-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach

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