Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sometimes you fire up that ole’ MP3 player, and you simply don’t know what to play. Perhaps you are going to work out, maybe go for a long walk, or maybe you are taking a bus to an El train, to another bus, so you can go drink. (I wouldn’t know…I never drink…non alcoholic beverages!!) It amazes me how I can have 17455 songs and not know what I want to listen to.

Hold that thought for a moment. I am a man of the 70s, 60s, 80s and various other types of Rock and Roll. I hear about some obscure 70s band that I didn’t previously have knowledge of, and I hunt their lps down. If I like what I hear from the first album I choose, I download them all, because I must have it all. If you are a fan of the band, you must have ALL their albums! (even “Kid A”) Why did I just digress there? Because I have many lps stockpiled on my hard drive that I have not listened to due to my constant flurry of downloads! When I don’t know what to play, or don’t know what I’m in the mood for, I pick one of these albums and give it a whirl.

Hold on to THAT thought as well. Sometimes when you put on an album that you have not heard before, or perhaps, not heard in a while, you may be compelled to shake your head and think loudly to yourself “Fucking Jams!” It happens perhaps 2 to 3 times a song. You can’t help it. The Jams envelope you. They imprint themselves on you. That band, or album becomes a part of you for life!!!

So , we go back to the dilemma of going for a walk and not knowing what to pick on your MP3 player. (notice I did NOT say iPod, you will get my anti-iPod rant in a future article) I put on the self-titled debut of 70s Canadian band Moxy.

This first album came out in 1975…already a good sign! Everything from the 70s is great! Fact! Many of the leads on this album are played by Tommy Bolin. He was a guitar whiz in the 70s who played with Deep Purple, Zephyr, and the James Gang before his untimely death in 1976. I must tell you the jams are unstoppable!!!!

1. Fantasy- This is the song that made me mumble “Fucking Jams” about 30 times. A plodding, almost Native American (read: Indian) beginning building into power chord guitar solos all the way to the end. JAMS!

2. Sail On Sail Away-a sensitive acoustic start off into a riff laden jam! (ALWAYS a recipe for success!...ALWAYS!!!)

3. Can’t You See I’m A Star- I think every Canadian singer sounds a little like Geddy Lee. This massive riffalicious jam could have been on the first Rush lp..and that is a good thing!

4. Mood Rider-In the pocket drums, completely “air guitarable” riff! Play loud! Made me ponder the “Fucking Jams” once more!

5. Time To Move On-It is NEVER time to move on from Moxy!!!!!

6. Still I Wonder- Black Sabbath type riff to open it up, then maintain it with crunchin’ guitar madness!

7. Train-Do you like the heavy blues? Then you will love TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Out of the Darkness (Into the Fire)-A great closer that bookends the complete sonic assault that started the album. Plus…all songs that have the lyric “Into the Fire” in it are PH.D. Certified Jams! You are addicted to Crack if you don’t go out and find this album NOW!!!!!!

Start walkin’!!!!

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