Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Hypocrites "Cabaret" Benefit Party at Sopo (Benefit fundraiser)

There's nothing better then when theatre companies have benefits on a weeknight. Everybody can usually not make it, and those that do have to leave by 9:30. So I was pleased as punch to attend a benefit for the theatre company "The Hypocrites" in celebration of their newest theatrical monstrosity "Cabaret".
Cabaret was a little known Liza Minelli vehicle from the 70's about a Liza Minelli type girl who works in a Cabaret during the Great War in Berlin. The Nazis have taken control of Germany and surrounding EU nations, but inside, the party is still hot. A young American shows up and gets blown by everybody, and the emcee of the club might not be real, but is most definitely a man. The band plays all the old hits and Liza Minelli dances and dances.
So, of course I was thrilled to attend this theme party at the Holocaust-themed Sopo Bar and Grill, 3418 N Southport Ave.
The place was resplendent in World War 2 memorabilia.
Upon entering I immediately went to the bar and got what I consider the ultimate drink of the time, the Shirley Temple.
Next it was off to the complimentary buffet for quesadillas and hamburgers, aptly named after the internment camp in Hamburg, Germany.
After finishing dinner, my wife and I decided to mingle with the stars of the production. Since my wife is also one of the stars, I made sure that everyone knew that I would be sleeping with a member of this star studded cast.
To look around the room, you would have thought you were in Hollywood. It was a virtual who's who of people who have worked on Columbia College student films and knew Kurt Erhmann. Everyone was in jovial spirits and happy to talk to me.
John Moran was talking to Rob McLean. Nikki Klix was hugging Artistic Director Sean Graney. Matt Hawkins, the director, was canoodling with Jim Beam. Everything was looking great when all of the sudden, they ran out of vegetables for the dip.
Now, I've heard about fat girls getting upset when the food runs out, but nothing could have prepared me for the carnage that unfolded before me (none of these women were fat, but they were pissed). Chairs were thrown through the window, and before I could leave ensemble member Stacy Stoltz tried to punch me. My wife and I safely made it to the streets in time to phone the authorities and the party returned to normal. All in all, for a measly $20 entry fee, this party was a huge success, and I can't wait to hobnob with these amazing artists again.
Also, Greg Hardigan was there, looking better then ever.

Hypocrites Cabaret fundraiser

-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


  1. Matt Hawkins is over-rated. If someone needs to be kicked off his own self-inflated high horse, it is Matt Hawkins.

  2. Well, well, WELL! Anonymous, you fiend, we meet again!! Hiding behind the internet are we? Perhaps you'd like everyone to know that you sniff the ladies' underthings at TJ Maxx?

    Also, man up and sign your name, you lily-livered featherweight piss-poor excuse for a troll.


  3. Its not easy to self inflate a high horse. My uncle once put out his back trying to do so.

  4. Oh, Anonymous! Even chicken shit has a name!

    I'm assuming you're in theater if you're reading this blog, and if you don't want to work with the "over-rated" Matt Hawkins, why not print your name?

    People! Ignore the Anonymous! Go see Cabaret!

  5. How can you not like Matt Hawkins?

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