Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicago Dance Crash benefit/The KTF Championship (DYAN FLORES)

Chicago Dance Crash, you know me too well. Your company benefit combined the things I love most in life-sandwiches, dance battles, nudity, booze, and dressing up. Seriously, the Belmont bus could've run me over as I left the show, and I would've left God's green Earth with a smile on my face. The main event of the evening was a dance battle called the KTF Championship, hosted by Mattrick Swayze, a handsome shirtless man in fishnet tights and very high heels. Local dancers went head to head, and there was popping, locking, juking, and fancy hip hop moves galore! The ultimate winner of the battle was Richard Ashworth, who looked deceptively White in sweat pants and tap shoes (Yes, tap shoes!), but who could move like nobody's business. Seriously, boy had moves.
The group also announced their upcoming season, the details which you could find here. (

Well played, Chicago Dance Crash, well played.


-Dyan Flores

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