Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eric and Andy's No More Chase Community Giving Party!! (Upcoming Party)

If you are like me, you love free money. If you are also like me, you love voting for things. But if you are most like me, you've had just about e-fucking-nough of this Chase Bank money for not for profit organizations.

Eric and I have heard your cries of "uncle" and "help" and are bringing you the AFTERWORK PARTY OF THE DECADE!!!

Eric and Andy's No More Chase Community Giving Party this Tuesday, July 13th from 5pm-9pm at F.O. Mahoney's.

Here are the specials:

Miller Lite Pitchers- $11

Burgers- $5

and Chicken Wings- $20,000

So please come out and bring your whole theatre company and let's all commiserate and eat chicken wings together and kiss.

Please R.S.V.P. to our intern Trish @


  1. Doesn't Andy have a tech reheasal for RED NOSES that night? (He does) And isn't Eric going to be called at the last minute to reprise the role of Grez when Dailey ODs on meth at the Hotel Chateau with a couple of Welsh prostitutes? (Not as likely, but possible)

  2. My rehearsal is between me and my God.

  3. Concerned, you've got the perfect name. Chill. Out. Bro.

  4. Andy does have tech rehearsal, but it isn't until 6pm. That's why I told him to start the party at 5pm.

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