Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eric & Andy's No More Chase Community Giving Party!!! (pictures)

Well, we had a time at the old F.O. Mahony's!  A lot of pics are CENSORED by the government, but needless to say the action was hot and the burgers were spicy!  Here's a couple we actually CAN show you!

Hank Boland with Eric & Andy, right before his shirt came off!

Brian Amidei with Eric & Andy.  You don't want to know what's under THAT hat!

So, that's all the MAN will allow us to put on the internet!  Thanks to Ira, Ian, Julian, Lucy, Ann, Mark, John, Shannon, Mary Rose, Christina, Hank, Brian, Jen, Lauri, Eric, Andy, and F.O. Mahony's ground beef for making this the sexiest Tuesday since Pledge Week!

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