Monday, August 2, 2010

Wassup! Magazine (Magazine)

I am a curious guy. I need to know a lot of things all the time, and I feel like most of us in the information age are the same. If I'm looking for tickets to a play or ballgame, I can hop on the internet and find the information I'm looking for. If I need to know what the word 'miasma' means, I can find that out too.
But our culture of instant information has left us with a few holes in the Chicago area. Not everything makes it to the web as quickly as we need it to. This is why we need a free monthly publication of bar advertisements and articles about bars. For those of us who thrive in the bar and pub scene, staying on top of the newest and coolest places is essential.
For example, how many times have you been with some friends on a Friday night and wondered, "Where can I go to find some fat girls in Blackhawks jerseys?"
Do you think you can find that out on the internet? No. You can not.

While I write this in August, I am sitting down with a fresh July issue of Wassup! Magazine and I can tell you where to go for fat girls in Blackhawks jerseys in June. Wanna know where it is? It is Trinity Pub at 5943 N. Northwest Highway. It is also at Fiesta Cantina at 3407 N. Clark St. It is also at Moretti's at 6727 N. Olmstead.
I am starting to see a trend here. In fact, every bar in this magazine has a picture of 5 or 6 fat people looking at the camera, smiling with big red cheeks and red shirts with Chief Blackhawk on it.
Did you know that the Blackhawks won the hockey World Series? Is that on the internet?
Nope, but it's in Wassup! Magazine.

Now I know I'm not the only guy in town who is looking for a "Blow Pop" shot on a Monday night at 1am because the bartender of the month makes them. His name is Joe Zelenka and for his softball team he always makes "Mexican Standoffs" for the players.
Do you think you can learn that on the internet?

I'm sure that Wassup! Magazine has a website, but why would you go to it? You can get all this information from this magazine that you can pick up sometimes in Lincoln Park some places, and also maybe in Wrigleyville.
It's convenient, it's full of valuable information and jokes.
I don't wanna ruin these classic jokes for you, so I will just give you two punch lines from jokes inside Wassup! Magazine.

#1. A nurse replied, "No, it is just that there is a fire across the street, and we didn't want you waking up and thinking the operation was unsuccessful"

#2. "The bad news is I only gave you enough blood to operate one of these organs at a time."

This magazine has it all, and it is free! Is the internet free, jerks?

Do you know where to see "Sinzation Male Revue" now in it's sixth hot year?

So dudes, please don't knock Wassup! Magazine till you've really given it a sweet look.
There is a crossword puzzle and a cartoon of old people talking about Twitter and also some limosine company advertisements.

Now go party with some friends and maybe YOU can wind up in this amazing piece of media!

Wassup Magazine - A+
Internet- F-

-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


  1. Hey Guys, do you have this set up in feedburner. I am a follower and don't get any of these updates sent to me. I hate to see you missing your content being read because the reader has to think of your blog and then go search for it. Make it easy. Anderson, I am going to send you my new and improved blog subscription today. You will get a note from Feedburner.

  2. As a fat girl in a Blackhawks jersey, I'd like to thank you for putting the word out. This may save me an entire evening of small talk- WINK ;)