Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eric and Andy's Night at the Theater!

A lot of people have been asking us how the "Eric and Andy's Night at the Theater" event went. So we decided to tell everyone exactly what happened in the exact time that it happened. Now get off our backs and live vicariously through us!!

And if you were there, relive all these classic Eric & Andy moments that you just can't find anywhere but right here at Eric & Andy's Reviews You Can Iews!

We arrived to the theater in a timely fashion and were greeted by our Chicago Shakespeare contacts, Greta Honold and Carly Magill.

Greta and Carly are already sick of being hit on by us, so we tone it down.

I start getting pretty nervous that no one is going to show up and we will have to figure out how to cover 70 seats with our coats. Eric calms me down and tells me to have a piece of cheese. I do this.

Eric has his 3rd Newcastle

Our first guests arrive in the party room. They immediately start drinking and talking about theatre.

Jennifer Santanello arrives. Eric points her to the free wine. Jenn is happier than ever before.

I am so sick of hearing about theatre, I ask Eric if he wants to run out with me down to the "optical illusion maze" and he says he does, so we get the hell out of there.

Eric gets lost in maze.

The maze asks Eric about what play he is working on now.

Eric and Andy end up somewhere in the parking garage.

We realize we left our speeches inside our suit jackets that we used for bandages in the maze, so we have to buy tickets to go back inside and get them. We run really quickly so we don't get stuck in any conversation again about where the Prop Theater is.

We make it back up to the party and so many people have showed up to drink and talk about theatre! There's Noah Simon, Michaela Petro, Maggie Graham, Danielle O'Farrell, that one guy from Cherrywood, the bartender who is giving me my 6th Newcastle! What a party!

That bartender's name is Alberto Mendoza and he has a theatre company too! Everyone looks so great and ready for action!
(Not action like, watching a play, but action like, more drinking)

Every woman at the party has been hit on at least once by Eric & Andy.

Most of the dudes, too.

Yep...all the dudes.

The party is continuing without a hitch! Even Kerry Reid is having fun! The DePaul M.F.A. program students are about to start a fight against the front of house staff, because they are telling them how to use topography in their job better.

Kasia Januszewski is, and I quote, "so happy to be here!" In celebration, a 10th Newcastle.

Almost time for our big toast! They bring us microphones and tell us that they "are hot".

This is a technical term, and Eric is told that he doesn't need gloves. Eric shouts, "Well, I have them, I'll wear them...you think you're better than me?"

Eric puts on his gloves.

Eric and Andy give the greatest toast in the history of toast.

Everyone heads down to their seats to wait in eager anticipation of the Bard's most well known work "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf."

That's what we were told we would be seeing. Instead they showed us "Romeo and Juliet" which has almost nothing to do with suicide.

Eric and Andy both marvel at the beautiful theatrical space! It's a three-quarter thrust stage, just like the Old Globe in London, England!

"Romeo and Juliet" begins.

"Romeo and Juliet" is over.

We are whisked from our seats to the backstage area for our quick meet and greet with the cast members who will be joining us onstage for the talk back. This part is exciting!

Eric and Andy begin the talk back with the actors from this evening's performance. As I bore myself while I am talking, I see that beautiful overweight family from Wichita who sat next to us during the performance gaze into the theater to see what was happening.  The Shakespeare security staff has to ask them to leave.

The actors are getting a little frustrated with our questions, mainly because they have so very little to do with the play or acting.

It is becoming clear that the actors would rather talk about their play than about us. We try to ease the tension by asking them what they think about us AND "Romeo and Juliet".

Eric has a hangover already. Ora Jones seems to realize this and secretly relish it.

Ora Jones needs to learn when to shut her trap about Eric. All she is doing is putting him down!
(They used to date)

Don't worry, it's cool, Ora. Eric won't tell everyone about that thing you liked him to do...yeah, Ora knows. Emoticon of a wink.

It's time to start wrapping up. Eric and Andy proceed to pick apart James Elly's performance, note by note until he is crying like a little Arab girl.

Eric and Andy take a well deserved bow. It really was magical and all our guests seemed to be transported to a timeless place covered in leather and graffiti!  Where the Princes wear microphones and the Priests don't try to hide their creepiness by looking presentable.

Eric and Andy shake their last hand and walk out to the courtesy car waiting to take them home.  Let's do this again, Chicago! The future awaits!

If YOU would like to see a play at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and are under 35, please use this link to purchase $20 tickets! If you are over 35, then make some friends and get a better job. Theatre ain't free, ya know.

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