Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Griffin Theatre's Opening Party for Company (Party Review)

In full disclosure, I did not attend the show before the party, nor did I stay at the party too long.

But I'll tell you what I did see:


They were all out in full force at the new "Stage 773" space which was called the "Theater Building" last week. I mean EVERYONE who is ANYONE was there to celebrate the opening of this new take on a souvenir from the 70's.

There was Paul Fagen having a cocktail with Paul Holmquist! Allison Cain and her precocious husband Manny Tammayo! Ryan Borque is talking up Lee and Chelsea Keenan!
Benjamin Sprunger must have told a joke because all around him are smiles and laughs and hugs from friends and fans alike!

To be apart of this set is to truly be on the up and up of young hot theatre celebrities in town. Do you feel under dressed? No problem, because tonight's hero, the masterful Jon Berry is wearing tightrolled black jeans and his hair in impossible directions.

Have you ever seen such a lively crowd? The building is brimming with excitement and glory the way it only can on the corner of Racine and Belmont.

The glorious and stems-to-the-sky Nikki Klix has just entered the room and is holding court with the beautiful Ezekiel Sulkes. I see a romantic comedy in their future!
That won't stop Trey Maclin from getting in on the action! He's making everyone happy!
Including the sunglasses-at-nighttime wearing Jessie Fisher. Even she isn't too cool for this room! Not with Shannon Welling and Doug Pawlik walking around!

Who's that canoodling in the corner? It's none other than the whimsical couple we've all learned to love and respect Rob McLean and Erin Myers! They aren't afraid to show their love for each other in more ways than one!
Can it get any hotter in here!? Only if you thought that you wouldn't see Dana Tretta! She's about to take her shirt off in a show of gratitude to the waiting throng outside! Don't do it Dana! They won't love you in the morning!

My heart is ablaze in celebrities and drinks and dancing and Mari Stratton!? I don't think Erin Killmurray looks too happy about that. She's having a drinking contest at the bar with the crazily dressed Danny Taylor! You guys must be stoned!!

Wait a second, what's that sound? Why is there applause?
It seems that Larry Baldacci and Laura McClain have entered into a double-dutch contest and have fallen down! Are they hurt!?
NO!! They are just laughing at themselves the way only they can!
John Fransisco doesn't think it's funny though. He's had enough of this b.s.
Time to talk world affairs with Elizabeth Lanza, John?
It might be hard, because her dress is telling the rest of us that she is ready for action!

Darci Nalepa has jumped behind the bar and is pouring half-drunk sodas all over her! In a show of unity, Samantha Dubina does the same! Are they going to kiss?
This reporter will never tell...

What an amazing night of highs and lows, new beginnings and old ends!
If the play is half as good as the party, I think these guys will need to start planning their Jeff Award speeches NOW!!!


-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach

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