Monday, October 4, 2010

The Murder in Hazard, Nebraska (Mystery Week)

In the late 80's and early 90's, America had a soundtrack, and it was written by Richard Marx. Marx had a fair hit in 1991 with a ballad called "Hazard".

Hazard is the story of a man who has been accused of... I can't even say it.

There was a video put out. A reenactment of this vicious...crime. From the footage you can watch on THIS VIDEO, this information available on THIS WEBSITE, and the Wikipedia page IS HERE.

To get you started, here is the opening info:
The music video opens with several older men teasing Marx's character as a child with his mother in the background. The video then shows Mary, who is depicted as having features very similar to Marx's mother. Various scenes in this sequence can cause the viewer to become unclear about the nature of their relationship. As the story continues, the town's sheriff is shown taking photographs of the couple and following one or both of them in his vehicle.

Who do you think the murderer is?

Please send theories and other information to

We will be asking readers to write some theories out for the blog. In addition, we are contacting Mr. Richard Marx to confront him with some very serious accusations.

This is very real.


  1. So, is he an arsonist or a strangler? Either way, his inner child did it.

  2. Jimmy, good point. Marx definitely has the tendency towards violent acts as seen with his inner child setting fire. Who's house was he burning?

  3. It was my impression that the Hazard, Nebraska townsfolk were burning Richard Marx's humble trailer home in retribution.

    All Richard Marx and his mom wanted was the love of a small Nebraska town. All the town gave them was rumors and lies, through which Mary was the first to see.

    In the end, the greatest tragedy is the loss of Richard Marx's fabulous, fabulous hair.

    The real perpetrator is society.