Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Letter To Andy on What He Can Expect at BICs "The Lion King"

Dear Anderson,

My friend, you have a night of joy and rapture ahead of you!  For tonight is Broadway In Chicago's BLOGGER BASH for The Lion King!!!!  And YOU are invited...along with Tom Williams, Don Hall, and about 400 other white dudes with broadband and an English degree from Roosevelt.

Here are just a few things you can expect tonight:
  1. Old people.  God, do old people love theatre downtown.  They especially love theatre with names that they recognize (i.e. Wicked, Billy Elliot, Million Dollar Quartet, Romeo & Juliet, and Miss Sheri's Cafeteria).
  2. Really expensive booze.  Pack a flask.  Or a gun flask.  Or a binoculars flask.  Or a gun and binoculars.
  3. Uncomfortable chairs.  No matter the place, no matter the time, every theater has uncomfortable chairs.  Is this by design?  You'll find out during the rousing crowd-pleaser "Circle of Life."
  4. People smoking LESS than 15 feet from the entrance.  Remind them to move further down the street, they won't mind or say anything rude to you about being a good citizen.
  6. Acting and singing!
  7. 4 standing ovations!
  8. Chris Jones' name all over the damn place.
I truly envy you and your wife tonight.  Please remember to meet everyone you can, and ask them incredible questions like "How are you?" and "Did you have any lines in the show?" and "How heavy are those lion heads?"

Tonight will be what Newsweek calls “a landmark event in entertainment!”  Italics all mine, friend.  Italics all mine.

I love you,


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