Monday, October 18, 2010

State of the Union - Strawdog Theatre (theatre review)

Sees this playing, " State of the union " The different night made remember fun with realness and grudge, an older joke called me: Is the opposition of progress what? National Assembly! About it the fun thing does not change far from it, also the American National Assembly to ending the thing in order not to be is not good quite. The cartoon which is political also is the method which laughs. Goes out and states and with usual and in case, the politics for the people until now always. The smell which rots until now always with realness was occupation. The people who combines a politics at any time it the thing Washington D.C. (Los Angeles sees to be few there is people who is charming,) from with realness to place makes a compromise selfish because of method is completed and does not mean with realness must say that. Newt Gingrich charm, inside probably living like this from Washington D.C., ugliness be are politician. Hahahahaha!!!! Goes out and with realness states and in case, rises is who me which am is personal from the political party believing, does not put with usual. The republican party member or wig or democratic party member nil is which side (you will be able to think this any more and in case, knows me, make,). I with that (thing) field will not be able to confirm as a realness because of selfishness they succeed a foundation and did not put. And me now in Barack Obama and one time which is President us drinks many and is started is not gotten even. Hahahaha!!!!! This reason why " State of the union " (Subject which is clever) like that is playing which is good. In compliance with Jeff Button (very corrigendum which is to press packet which is it which is positive) excellently, instructs, the dialogue passes and flies and your seat defends you (little more later in it). Glow with Matthews rice field realness is done to make get tangled from Dailey Republican Party machine, in compliance with Michael and realness the pebble is about the LAN [thu] which confronts with the undercurrent which is delicate. The republican party member does and in BF Helman (who which is unlucky) and Anderson Lawferson (being cut without, who which delivers comedy) comes drives the nail McManus by burden Conovoer, respectively well with realness. Kristina Johnson the eye-catcher, is soft, with rough realness her name!!! Is) nail newspaper chief Kay Thorndyke appears and (is like that. Kristina is beautiful. The LAN sprouts with Kay that LAN [thu] from his wife in order to do to make become more distant, maul Riga rises there is being. Went out and understands from, this subject at that time was taboo with realness. It [phyul] winning a wife's death, being high and side with the [ey_to_pwul_kwu_ha_ko] being like this ends but, marches in future the fact that. In compliance with Kendra Thulin (one maul in compliance with who Conover where is from love where I have now) realness moxie and with grace, is a national and to combine the LAN [thu] in the tour which in order says, is requested. In this tour, her becomes the real conscience of the spike and playing which warns her idealist husband about Conover connivances. Little by little nobly and wisely becomes in connection with the circuit which says oratory technical because of him justly, the LAN sprouts and the real people. But, Conover couldn' For the people and sees few t cares, he wins the fact that is only counts the LAN [thu] he wants: Poll. I (some critic together be a habit description below,) respect you and any more illy-bred to raise i do not want, in order to happen but the [lye] this your this is doing i do not know well and i am, is to only say!!! where It wheelings of politician rear room and is serious with realness to see a transactions. It does to make remember you where they are the real people, as well. You will say and this which today that (thing) will listen too together to that at that time and also you will be able to imagine. Some thing does not change assuredly.

-South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun

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