Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 cent wings Monday at the Wild Goose Bar (Chicken wings, Restaurant)

Now, I know I'm not the only guy, but I love chicken wings. They are so little and covered in meat, that I want to put all sorts of sauce on them. Specifically Chipotle Lime sauce. This is a sauce that deserves to be put on Angel's Wings. It is red, so it would look like blood on Angel's Wings, which would be better, so then we'd all know how that angel died. I mean, he probably didn't die from chicken wing sauce, as this would be more of a representation. Also, Angels are already dead, so this whole theory is BULLSHIT.
Just like chicken wing night was last night at Wild Goose Bar.
"Oh, honey, I think there's a table opening up."
"Oh,I think you're right."
"Oh, no, wait, they aren't leaving, they are going to the jukebox together as a group to put on more Greenday songs."
"Oh, this place sucks now."
"Oh, it might not be the most best atmosphere, but at least they have Chipotle Lime Sauce. You know, you could put that sauce on Angel's Wings."
"Oh my God, stop saying that."
"Oh, I locked the keys in the car."

Then, we sat down, at a dirty table, that I think was used by wolves for sex and a bar fight before we got to use it, and just then, while I was TRYING to watch t.v., the crazy eyed waitress came over and explained very rationally to me that they were out of the Chipotle Lime Sauce and had been for weeks, and I should've remembered that from last Monday, or the Monday before.
Just then, I explained to her that she was on the verge of receiving a complimentary box-punch, and an elbow to the mouth.
We agreed to disagree, and she happily brought us the wings with other sauces that I wouldn't even dare ASK an Angel to put on it's wings. (BBQ, Mild, Hot).
Then, we paid our $2 tab and went back out into the world.
All in all, this place is pretty good.
-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


  1. This sauce deserves to be on Angel's wings. Hilar.

  2. "Complimentary box-punch." jgbjbljbldjkbfkjfbhahahhahaahhahahaa

  3. That waitress DOES have crazy eyes!