Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cats (Musical)

In times like this, people turn to laughter to help them through the terrible, lonely abyss that is their sad, pathetic little lonely lives.
That's why "Everybody Loves Raymond" got to be so popular. People could see themselves in those angry, mean, screaming women and their inept husbands, and that made them laugh.
This is also the case with a musical I've just seen called "Cats".
Cats is a modern day fable about cats. Now, there isn't a "plotline" per se, or any sort of "plotline", but that doesn't stop the impending hysterics!!
In this show we meet all sorts of cats with jobs! There's a pirate cat, a baker cat, and that's just two of the literally thousands of cats who work and play in this dream junkyard of cat souls.
Why there is an astronaut cat, a baseball player cat, a mattress salesman cat, and an old cat lady cat that has a lot of cats!
All these cats fit together to make a great patchwork of life inside this seemingly endless junkyard of dreams. They will sing you songs, (my favorite was "Memories", a song about high school) and tell you great tales of courage. Who needs to know why!?
After the 2 hour first act of seeing people try to move like cats, but still move like people in fur coats, it feels like no time till the end of intermission.
My only problem with this musical is, I wish they were snakes instead. I mean, can you imagine a junkyard of baseball playing snakes!!?
I'd DEFINITELY try to hit a homerun and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!!!
Anyway, it was a great time, but still, think about snakes.
-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach

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  1. " old lady cat who has lots of cats." I love it.