Friday, August 7, 2009

Miami Vice (tv cop show)

The Vice Squad. That's the part of the police department that deals with drugs, hookers, bombs, fast cars, pastel shirts, money laundering, bosses who don't smile, samurais, and cheese cloth. At least according to Miami Vice, a tv show that started in the mid-80s, when things really started getting weird for America. This was a show about Crockett & Tubbs, and Elvis the crazy alligator they lived with on a sailboat that never got used. These guys were really "tubular", as they were cops but somehow could afford Ferraris and Ray-Ban sunglasses for every day of the week. This show was more like a video that you'd see on MTV or Friday Night Videos or at my house on YouTube. Everything was really slow, and there were lots of shots...shots like of a car wheel driving on a street for 2 minutes while Glenn Frey sang about smuggling. These shots represented DESPAIR. The boss was Edward James Olmos, who has made a career of playing Hispanic authority figures, and this paved the way for our 1st Latina supreme court judge. He never got mad, he just was never happy. Probably because the cops looked like they made a million dollars a day and he had really bad acne scars. I'll bet he drank a lot at home alone, like in Home Alone. Anyway, the cops were always after terrible Cubans who did awful things and always got away with it. Then a Phil Collins song would play and Tubbs would do a little dance. Every episode ended like this. Not very original. I'm ready to give it another chance, though.
-Eric Roach, Anderson Lawfer

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