Monday, August 3, 2009

Up "Steppenwolf Theater)

Up, a new play by Briget Carpenter has all the making of a political thriller, in a balloon chair.
It explores the societal aspects of leaving society and the human condition, if the world was filled with air.

A fairly new and rising theater company, Steppenwolf, tackles this material with vigor, if not all the understanding needed to understand this masterpiece of theaterism.

This play focuses on Ian Barford, who plays the title character, Up, as he tries to relive his glory days as a professional diver on his way to the olympic games.

Barford tackles this role with heart and style and energy and delight.

But the real hero of this production is Jake Cohen, for his turn as a widow of a lost professional baseball player.

All in all, I say go see this play, as it will have you laughing, and then quiet, and then laughing again.

On a side note, please unwrap all candy before you enter the theater.

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