Monday, August 3, 2009

Chicago Recycling Trucks (Trucks) GUEST REVIEWER ANITA DEELY

This morning, at an unexpected viewing of A Chicago Blue Recycling truck I mused the following: this truck delivers the expected which is timely retrieval of your coded plastics, glass, paper and aluminum for use in yet to be made products such as carpeting and Jay Leno’s comedy hour(zing!). But to view this vehicle as merely a truck is to miss the point. It is at once a receptacle for waste and THE MOST ANNOYING ALARM CLOCK ON THIS CONTINUALLY HEATING, SURELY DOOMED PLANET. I remember bluebags back in 90’s and early 00’s. Those didn’t wake you up. When I watched those, I felt good. As I put my various detergent bottles and empty yogurt containers in the bags I felt like the party was still going. Actually, I think “Keep Partying, America!” was the tagline for the project then.
But, this morning, as I swore a blue streak at the blue truck, I thought:” I wonder what happens to that trash”. And that line repeated in haunting refrain over in in my head as the A Chicago Blue Recycling truck pulled away. Till next time, my worthy foe. Till next time.

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