Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creationism (Stupid Idea)

Now listen, I'm not one of those crazy guys that thinks that he's right about everything. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about a LOT of stuff, and some stuff, I pretend to know a lot about and could talk to you for hours about, but really don't know Jack's Dick about.

Card games, for example, I don't know anything about, and health care. Black people is another thing, and what about different kinds of stock options, or how to make a woman happy.
"Well, the thing you need to remember about women is, they are always mad at their fathers."
See? That can't possibly be true, because there are women I haven't met before, and they can't all be like the women I know.
There is one thing I am certain of, and that is that Creationism is incorrect. Do you mean to tell me that we didn't come from monkeys? Do you really not believe in evolution? The natural biological process proven YEARS ago by science?
What's that?
You don't believe in science?
When I was a child, I had to do a science fair project, and since I had an old dog, I did an experiment entitled, "Can old dogs learn new tricks?"
You know what? They can't. I proved it, just as monkeys and midgets have proved to us that evolution is real. Did you ever watch "My Giant"? That tall guy is what we will all be one day when we evolve into huge drooling Albanians. We will be long dead by then, but our children will be huge Space Albanians.
Read a book, dude.
I'm sick of being the smartest guy out there.
Go to hell, Creationism.
-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


  1. I am going to comment because you are probably a pretty loney guy who does not get many responses.

    Before we address the creation of the world in general and man specifically, I would like you to flesh out a couple of your comments:
    1) You say that evolution was proven years ago by science.
    Are you speaking about scientists who accept the theory of evolution or some scientific proofs that I have missed, along with most of the world?
    That makes a big difference in how we approach the discussion.
    2) You say 'go to hell, creationism'
    It is interesting that you capitalize creationism and I wondered just what this "hell" that you want to send it too is in your mind?

    let's start there and see if there is further ground that can be plowed.