Monday, August 3, 2009

Star Wars (Movie)

To truly understand the phenomenon that is Star Wars, you must first understand where it came from.
Dianetics, a book by L. Ron Hubbard, first came into knowledge in the mid-50's and talked about a hero that would save us all from a giant black man.
Thus, erego, Star Wars was born. The movie, based on Dianetics the book, follows a young man, Luke after his family has been run from their home on Desert Planet 7 and Luke discovers whom he is through various trips to different countries and saloons that all play the same song.
They also made toys of this thing that plays that song.
To win the battle he must team up with a big dog thing and a wookie named Leah.
I used to know a girl named Leah, but she didn't put out like this lady did.
I bet she had a big 70's pubic style.
Anyway, light savers, space boats, and laser things. All of these things apparently make for a cool movie but when I saw it, there were too many commercial breaks.

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