Monday, August 3, 2009

Kiwanis of Cenral DuPage County Pancake Day (Pancake Day) GUEST REVIEWER TRISH HOOPER

Pancakes are delish, let's not kid ourselves.
Kiwanis does a LOT for sick kids or poor kids or something with old people too. So OF COURSE I was there when I heard about this pancake celebration!! LOL
To see old laborers with drills mixing up pancake batter in old paint cans made me proud to be in the middle of Central DuPage county. This is also where I go to nursing assistant school and where my bf Lee lives. He likes this area, and I like it too, but there are a lot of empty areas where I'm not sure I would feel safe if I was alone at night time on a blanket in the woods, or if my bf's car broke down and I had to walk to somewhere to get help from someone or something like that. But for $5, I love pancakes and don't care about danger. Can't wait for the fish fry!! ROFLMAO!!

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