Monday, August 24, 2009

Arby's (Restaurant)

In this day and age, with all the hoopla over counting "calories", my favorite restaurant has fallen behind the trend.
Arby's Grill, while on the cutting edge of roast beef technology, has not focused the way the market has required them to in the other aspects of customer satisfaction.
When you think of Arby's, what do you think of?
Jamocha Shakes? Beef and Cheddars? 5 things for $5? Soda?
There are a lot of things that Arby's can offer you, but until recently, healthy, heart-conscious fare that women will like to eat as well as look at.
That's why I was so relieved to stop into my local Arby's Grill Company and find the new additions to the already expansive menu of affordable and delicious items.
For the kids, be sure to try the healthy and delicious "curly apples" served with fresh caramel. If you want something bubbly, try a "diet Coke", but the new item, besides the "fresh submarines" that really grabbed my attention was the new "Arby's Salad".
Well, my friends, the Arby's people have outdone themselves with this one.
I'll give you my description of how this healthy, light masterpiece works together.
With your initial choice of Arby's Sauce Vinagarette, or the Horsey Ranch Sauce, you can't go wrong! I decided against both at first, really watching my intake, so just opting for margarine.
Then you have a choice of piles of freshly cut roast beef, or if you choose, you can "mountainize it", exchanging piles of roast beef for mountains of dripping wet roast beef.
Then, next on the decadence train, a smooth creamy layer of chipotle mayonaisse, covering the healthiest of all things, corn.
All of this luxury on top of a crisp bed of fried lettuce, and served inside a container.
Now, I'm no chef, but if you are looking for a better, lighter meal then this, you better start trying to find a "McDonald's".
Arby's A+
-Anderson Lawfer, Eric Roach


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