Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday's Circulars (Newspaper Coupons) GUEST REVIEWER CORRI FEUERSTEIN

Sometimes this morning I read the paper. Not just any sheet of paper like the things what I write down Lotto numbers on. Envelopes, those are called. But I read the newspaper. Some folks think that the Newspapers of today won't be around tomorrow because you can read the News on your pinkberry. I think that's faux.
I read the paper to relax and to laugh. Because only the Newspaper News has the funnies. And For Better of For Worse is like they're seeing my life and making it hilarious! God Bless them.
But one of the things I really love about Newspapers are the circulars and coupons. I don't know why they call them circulars because I have to cut squares around the dotted lines for the coupons. They should call them squares! But they probably don't want to do that because then people will think that coupons aren't cool. Like saving $0.35 off my next purchase of Meow Mix in a 30 lb bag isn't cool. It IS cool! Cool as ICE! There aren't ever coupons for ice.
When my children want to cut the coupons, I give them safety scissors so they won't hurt themselves while cutting and staring at Dora the Explorer on tv. God Bless Dora and her Exploras.
As I relax with my cup of coffee, I think about the money I'm going to save going to the store with my coupons to the Jewelstore, the Kohls and suchlike. I wasn't going to go shopping because we don't need anything, but if I go with coupons I'll save more. And that's shopping smart. I love the circulars and the savings I get on diapers even though my kids are 5 and 7.
You should read them with coffee...and then take them to save money on coffee!

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